Stepping up into the World

MiLAT Cadets successfully completing their two (2) years in the Programme... All for One and One for all!

Capping Ceremony

Trainees who have successfully completed the Induction Training are rewarded with a promotion to Cadet by officially receive their Garrison Caps.

National Pride
Independence Day Parade

MiLAT Cadets have the distinctive opportunity to annually partake in the Independence Day Parade.

On the National Stage, Cadets show off their reformed disciplined image and foot drill with pride.

CCC's National Youth Relay Marathon

The MiLAT Programme is committed to developing the Cadets' character through healthy competitions, teamwork and fun activities.
Congratulations to the Cadets who were successful in participating in the Civilian Conservation Corps' National Youth Relay Marathon 2018.

Community Service
Help to Flood Victims

MiLAT Junior Cadets recently rendered assistance to flood victims by cleaning and clearing flood properties.

The MiLAT Programme encourages it Trainees and Cadets to participate in Community Outreach and Community Service initiatives that help the general public.

having fun
Work Hard...Play Hard!

MiLAT Cadets are not only taught to work hard, but they are also encouraged to play hard as well!

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The Objectives of the MILAT programme are as follows:

  • To reduce annually the loss of potentially productive capital from the national skills base;
  • To strengthen the available academic study choices of Youth at risk between 16-20 years, whose matriculation is recognised and accepted;
  • To transform within two years, the attitudes and behaviours of youth at risk between 16-20 years, in a routine, disciplined and academic environment.

The MiLAT Programme provides a Safe, Structured and Regulated environment within which the Cadets under our care receive positive mentorship and reinforcement, academic instruction, certified training, and career guidance, and benefit from positive peer motivation, friendship, and brotherhood.